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Collages and Papercuts

Bernard Marie Collet    paintings, pastels and drawings around nature and history

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permanently at Galerie Saint-Roch, 10 rue Saint-Roch - Paris 1er
permanently at Galerie Plurielle 34200 Sète
Maison des Artistes C883306
         Siret  509097077
Adagp n° 1173732


a 6-minute video : " BERNARD M. COLLET, PAINTED WORK "



7 december 7 2024 to 24 january 2025 Personal exhibition in Chatillon sur Seine, galerie d'Art et d'Or

July - September 2024 solo exhibition at the Lanmeur hospital 29620    
July - august 2024 exhibition participation at 43ème Salon Art en Plougasnou    
June 2024 Guest of honour at the Salon des artistes de la Penzé. Guiclan 29410    
14 au 18 février 2024 exhibition participation at Salon Art Capital Grand Palais Éphémère Paris     
18 au 21 mai 2023 Salon l'Art en Liberté à Pleuneuf Val André     
October 2022 Salon d'Automne Paris then November 2022 Salon de Saint Maur des Fossés    
25 March to 16 April 2022 Solo exhibition 'Tropiques' in Châteauroux, Le cadre d'olivier gallery    
25 February to 20 March 2022 Personal exhibition "Images of Egypt" in Bordeaux - Parempuyre    
last pastels and acrylic "Tropics" series    
"some leaves, little marble and less time"
" Being just one is a jail... " Fernando Pessoa

Pastels and oils on Middle Egypt put online in 2019

Pastels, huiles, et papiers découpés mis en ligne en 2015
Pastels, oils, landscapes, collages and papercuts 2014
Pastels, oils, landscapes, collages and papercuts 2013
Pastels, oils, landscapes, collages and papercuts 2012
Pastels, oils, landscapes, collages and papercuts 2011

Pastels, oil paintings, landscapes, collages and papercuts 2010

Pastels, oil paintings, landscapes, collages and papercuts 2009

Pastels, oil paintings, landscapes, collages and papercuts 2008

Pastels, oil paintings, landscapes, collages and papercuts 2007

Pastels, oil paintings, landscapes, collages and papercuts 2005 and 2006

    peintures de paysage   feuilles   peinture art contemporain

2022 - 2023

forest, trees, rocks
pastels, oil ans acrylic paintings
vegetable landscapes, compositions and vegetable surfaces
or revisited history. Ruins, steles et marbels left through the time

The habit of working in the plains made me aware of the skies and clouds. I can then reserve most of the canvas for them. With the uncertain and shifting forms of the cloud, the freedom of interpretation, both in pastel and oil, is then at its maximum. .

pastels paysages,ciels Landscapes of SKIES
and Clouds
pastels and oil paintings


Pastels et oil paintings
  paysages d'Égypte    landscapes of EGYPT
                Towns and countries of 'EGYPT
landscapes of Upper EGYPT ,
Assouan, Luxor, Edfou

Landscapes of Lower EGYPT,
Sakkarah, Gizeh, Abusir, Abu Rawash,Tanis
landscapes Cairo , streets and mosques

Mediterranean Landscap

Towns and Landscapes of 'ITALY Streets of NAPLES
walks in ROME
FLORENCE - Toscany


JORDAN, Amman, Petra, Jerash
MAROCCO, Marrakech, souk
CYPRUS, Landscapeset archeology

Landscapes of somewhere else .
IRLAND landscapes
ANTILLES Landscapes

In the south, in Corsica, in the Mediterranean landscapes, the initial vocabulary is richer on the ground in both shapes and colours. There the skies shrink, shrink or even disappear in front of the exuberance of the soil structure and vegetation cover. But the dry is there the natural element; the plants cross the summer behind their glazed leaves and thorns, seeking some freshness at the end of their long roots. And this gives greens that range from bronze to grey; ochre yellows, blown sharply on purplish soils. And then the blue, always, in the sky as in the shadows. But what excites the range is the red one. It is not seen at first, but it is there in the roughness of the trunk of trees, or pulsating in the dark hollow of a rock, and also at the indistinct bottom of the waters in the moving reflections of the sun. Here too, the pastel knows how to capture the power of the lights and the depths of the shadows. Oil painting is better suited for working outdoors in a changing climate such as in Brittany. Translated with  
paysage de CorseLandscapes of Corsica 
beaches, maquis, mountains
pastels, baie d'Ajaccio
  paysages de Bretagne    Landscapes of BRETAGNE
Beaches and rocks of Morlaix
bay, pastels,           Seascapes, Bretagne a nd the ocean
  pastel de paysage

leaves and landscapes of Antilles.

Antilles galerie 1
Antilles galerie 2
pastels and oil paintings

  papiers découpés

Collages and cut-out papers:

carve out in the colour of magazines or old newspapers and this is an unexpected and playful second life for a people of small characters in improbable situations. So many actors for a diversion of current events or mythology.

  achat art contemporain

Pencil, Charcoal, indian Ink
  carnets de dessin, nuages


Genesis and Wrestlers
oil and acrylic paintings

Bernard Collet atelier© Bernard Collet





René Barde


Benjamin Orcajada

Christian Bouchon

Bruno Koper


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